I have worked with teams from 5 – 100 on increasing their collective power. Keep reading for some of the most requested seesions or contact us for a custom designed session.



This assessment is a tool that will instantly increase your emotional intelligence around self awareness and relationship management. It accurately depicts your preferred way of communicating while shedding light on other communication styles that may seem foreign to you. One of the key outcomes in disc is creating a common language to build relationships and increase team effectiveness, while deceasing conflict. The DISC assessment is validated with over 30 years of science and research from TTI Insights and measures 4 behavioural dimensions, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. The DISC assessment is key in helping people understand HOW they behave and their ability to interact effectively with others in work and life, as well as how they respond to the following:

  • Problems and challenges
  • Influencing others
  • Pace of environment
  • Rules and procedures


Team Effectiveness

Have a team who feel like family? Or maybe one that feels more like a dysfunctional family? Team effectiveness training is custom designed to meet each clients’ needs. Focused on skills like: communication, feedback, trust, values, visioning or the neuroscience behind our human behaviours. Team effectiveness session will help to build connections and relationships within your team, so you can work cohesively as a strong unit moving towards the same end goal. Drive and purpose move us as human beings. Increase intrinsic motivation and create a workplace where people want to spend their time and go above and beyond.


New Leader Incorporation sessions

Get new leaders on board faster with an incorporation session. This session includes a two-hour team session where the team shares concerns, hesitations about the leader or their role in a confidential space. We will then take that information and share it back with the leader, so they can move faster into a space of creating forward momentum and building trust with the team. Includes 3 one on one individual coaching sessions with the leader.




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